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Trick or treat?

Homes|28 October 2020
Like a lot of things this year, Halloween isn’t going to be quite how we imagined it. With Covid-19 sadly still wreaking havoc, the usual Halloween tradition of trick or treat is something that we’re going to have to adapt to make sure that everyone remains safe. Here are some ideas we came up with to make sure your little ones still have a spookily good time, this Halloween.  
Trick or treat?

Pumpkin trail 

This one may require a bit of teamwork from your neighbours, but it’s a great way to ensure your little ones can still enjoy the full Halloween experience, safely. All you need to do is pop a picture of a pumpkin (or a real pumpkin if you have one) in your window. Then, give your children a separate tick list type activity sheet that they can use to tick off when they discover a new pumpkin in your neighbours’ window. Every time they find a new pumpkin, they get a sweet (or a handful depending on how generous you’re feeling!) The overall idea means that they go to each door and look for the pumpkin in the window, once they’ve ticked off all the pumpkins on the sheet you can return home! This Morning have also released a Pumpkin Trail poster that you can print off and pop in your window if you’d rather have a uniformed pumpkin trail so it’s easy to spot which neighbours have joined in and which haven’t. 

Spooky treasure hunt 

A treasure hunt is a great one for all the family to enjoy. Turn your garden or your home (depending on the weather) into a terrifying Halloween setting and hide sweets and treats that your little ones can find. Decorate your home with lots of Spooktacular decorations, dress up in your best, terrifying costume, ask Alexa to play some Halloween tunes and start searching for those well-hidden sweeties! Save a special treat back for the person who finds all the sweets first (a little sibling rivalry doesn’t hurt!). 

Cup of sweets

We love this super inventive idea that allows you to still enjoy a traditional Halloween but in the safest way possible - all you need is lots of sweets and individual paper cups. Some supermarkets sell Halloween themed cups, but if not why not get crafty and design your own cups using plain paper ones? Once your cups are ready, fill each cup with some sweets (we recommend ones that come wrapped) and pop them near your door. That way your ready for when the children come to knock on your door, they can safely grab a cup without touching any other surface/sweets. 
You can also buy Halloween themed cellophane cones and ribbon from Amazon and eBay that would work the same!

Pumpkin carving 

Another fun activity for the whole family is pumpkin carving! All you need is a pumpkin each and some tools to carve out your pumpkins! Create a little competition and get to work designing your pumpkin (the little ones may need a little help). To make it fair, pop the finished product on Instagram or Facebook and get your friends to vote for the best one. Or facetime anther family member or friend and let them be the judge. Winner gets the sweets! 

Halloween baking 

Finally, something fun and lighthearted to enjoy with the little ones. Find some Halloween themed baking recipes that you can all get involved with and create some spooky sweet treats. From marshmallow ghosts to rice crispy zombies, they’re all taste amazing when settling down for a Halloween movie marathon.  
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