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Moving Home: 3 Top Tips to Make Unpacking Manageable

FinanceHomes|04 October 2019
Moving Home: 3 Top Tips to Make Unpacking Manageable
While the excitement of moving home and the anticipation of a new beginning is something every homeowner looks forward to. But when it comes to packing and organising for the move, that enthusiasm may start to falter...

That’s why our friends at Ponsford have shared their top tips to help the unpacking stage of your house move run as smooth as possible. Covering everything from how to ensure that your furniture remains undamaged to making the process as smooth as possible, follow their tips to make your move easier.

Clean your new home before unpacking

Amidst all the hecticness of shifting boxes in and out of the property, with everyone from friends and family to removal people walking through your new home, it's likely to get quite messy. So be prepared with some pre-bought cleaning products - think paper towels, all-purpose cleaners - and make sure that your hoover is on hand as soon as you arrive to start cleaning before you unpack. 
Start at the top, by dusting any light fixtures, then the walls and cabinets. This way, if any dirt falls on to the floor, it won’t extend the cleaning process in the long run. Following this, clean the counters and major appliances, so that you’re ready to move your belongings into a place which really feels like it’s yours from the offset. 

Unpack rooms in your new home by importance 

When the cleaning process is over, it's time to start making your house a home. It's advisable to start unpacking room by roon, so that your furniture stays intact and your belongings are all in the right places and you can begin organising your items early and discard anything unnecessary.
It's a good idea to start with the bedrooms, as after moving in you’re likely be exhausted. Prioritise functionality next, unpacking items such as practical occasional tables and chairs so that you and your family have somewhere to eat your dinner that evening (as you’ll likely have built up an appetite!). Then, move on to less essential spaces such as the dining room or storage areas which aren’t so important to everyday life. After all, in these areas, it won’t matter if you don’t have time to unpack them on the day that you move in, so it’s best to leave them at the bottom of your priorities.

Assemble and arrange as you go 

As you unpack, it goes without saying that you’ll begin to imagine what each room is going to look like  (if you haven’t already!). Although it may add time to a long process, assembling as you go will mean your house will begin to look like a home after just hours of unpacking.
If you have floor plan sketches of your home before you move in, then you can plan out where you want the larger furniture to be assembled before you even move in. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to prioritise exactly which items you’re looking for first when the removal van arrives at your new home.
It’s best to start with large pieces of furniture which may require a mechanical or technical assembly. This way, you won’t waste time assembling large items which may require disassembling or moving into a different room - standard sized doorways aren’t too forgiving when it comes to moving sofas and beds!
When you’re moving home, the best way to make unpacking more manageable is to anticipate your future needs ahead of time. This way, you’ll have the space looking exactly has you’d imagined in no time, and be well on your way to making your new house a home.
Author Bio:
Angus Ponsford is the Director at Ponsford Ltd, an independent, family-run furniture retailer that boasts a huge selection to suit every style and budget.

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