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Taking care of you

Homes|26 March 2020
We think self-care is really important. Sometimes putting yourself first and taking care of you is just what your body needs. Taking time to exercise the mind an the body or just having evenings where you spend time pampering yourself with a long soak in the bath or a facemask is sometimes all it takes to imrpove your mood and give you a boost. Here are our top tips on taking time out, focusing on you and improving your general health and wellbeing. 
Taking care of you

Have a tech free hour

Technology is a great thing, especially right now when staying in touch with family and friends is so important. But it’s also important to give yourself a break from social media, to spend an hour doing something else other than on your phone or watching TV. Create a quiet space in your home, somewhere cosy and out of the way, even if it’s just a comfy chair in the corner of your room. Light a candle or play some music and just enjoy the peace for an hour or so. Try and distract your mind and think about positive things, a memory or something you’re grateful for.

Pamper yourself

Creating time for yourself is so important. It can be hard when you have kids or a busy work schedule to work around but setting an hour aside on an evening to pamper yourself and relax will really help your wellbeing. Have a long soak in the bath with your favourite bath bomb or pop a face mask on.   


We all know that exercising is great for the body but moving regularly does more than keep you fit and healthy. Exercise is great for your mental health as well as your physical health as it releases endorphins that make you feel great. It’s great to use the time you spend exercising focusing on what you are doing during your session as this will keep your mind focused.

Read a book

Reading a book might not sound like self-care but it’s important to slow your mind down, distract it from the constant jobs that are floating around your head and it allows you to sit, relax and escape even just for 20 minutes to half an hour. If the weather is nice, head into your garden and enjoy reading whilst sat in the sunshine. If it’s not, grab a blanket, make yourself a hot drink and snuggle down on your sofa for a short while.


A good sleeping pattern is important to have in any circumstance but especially if you’re in need of some TLC. Introducing a regular sleep pattern will help make you feel more focused and productive throughout the day as well as generally improving your mood. Try and schedule your tech free hour or the time spent reading your book just before bed so that your mind has time to wind down, set an alarm for the morning (even if it’s your day off) and try not to snooze, this will help you fall into a natural sleeping pattern.
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