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Interior trends making a comeback in 2019

DesignInteriors|28 March 2019
Interior trends making a comeback in 2019
When it comes to trends – in all walks of life – they either come and go or make a real impact on our lives. More short-lived trends may pop up and take over for a while but the main trends that made an impact 10 or 20 years ago will always come back round making the same, if not more of an impact, now.
So why do some interior trends keep coming back? Well, like any trend, it evokes nostalgia and allows people to reinvent themselves while keeping up with the local trends. And while Scandi design is a new trend that grew ever so popular last year, the simplicity and functionality is something that underpinned all trends throughout the 80’s and 90’s. We’ve gathered only a few of the latest interior design trends that have made a comeback this year.

Big, bold prints

1980’s interior design included a lot of loud, bold prints in very daring colours and this year, they’re back. Although they may have been adapted slightly with more subtle prints, they are still very much a key interior design trend that has come back around this year. Jungle print is just one of many prints that has come back, albeit slightly adapted. Leaf prints are very on trend now, and it’s not just limited to wallpaper, wall art is also highly focused around the same leaf print too.

Rattan, wicker and Bamboo

This year, it’s all about bringing the outside in, and connecting with nature through interior design and these three materials are an easy and beautiful way to do that. They were big in the 60’s and 70’s and now they’re back looking even more beautiful in a more natural wood tone. They are perfect for achieving a more laid back, relaxed mood to the room and are coming back in more unusual pieces of furniture such as high stools, headboards and even statement storage pieces.

70’s hues

Although neutral tones and white walls are still very much in this year, people are also being more daring, experimenting with colour and trying new shades. Green, Orange, Tan and Brown are just some of the colours dominating the interior design scene this year. The earthy tones make for a great statement colour and compliment neutral tones perfectly.

Chrome accents

Brass and Copper has been the ‘go to’ accent metal for several years now, seen on everything from light fixtures, to door handles to chair legs. This year, we’re moving from brass and copper to more chrome accents. The 50’s vibe will be seen more and more throughout this year, especially in bathrooms and kitchens.

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