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How to Create Equally Beautiful Interiors in Small Spaces

Interiors|25 January 2019
How to Create Equally Beautiful Interiors in Small Spaces

How to create equally beautiful interiors in small spaces

Interior design can be a tricky one, especially if the room you’re wanting to tackle is small. But, with clever storage solutions, the right furniture and some crafty mirror work you can create a look that is equally as beautiful.

Mount your TV

Tv units can be the biggest space waster if you have a small living room. They’re chunky, and often only come in dark colours, which doesn’t always fit with your interior themes. By mounting your TV on your wall or above your fireplace can really maximise your floor space.

Double up

Buying pieces of furniture that can serve more than one purpose are great if you’re working with small spaces. Find a sofa that can pull out as a guest bed, or a foot stool that can be used as a coffee table or a spare seat when you have guests round. It’s important to let the room breathe and not suffocate it with furniture.

Mirror magic

Using mirrors to make a room look bigger is one of the oldest rules in the book but this timeless trick works every time, especially in small spaces. Whether you’re adding mirrored doors to cabinets or simply hanging a large mirror on a bare wall this will create reflections and make the room look light and airy.

Neutral tones

Not only are neutral tones massively on trend this year but they are also a perfect solution for making any small room look bigger. Keeping the room light tricks the eye into thinking there’s more space than what there is. It’s important to add subtle patterns and textures though to stop the room from looking plain and boring. Wall art is a great way to avoid this.

Adding Glass

Adding glass to any room is an instant winner when it comes to making a room look bigger. Tear down walls, enlarge windows or swap solid doors for glass to give the illusion of a bigger room. It will instantly open out your room and add light whilst still creating sections within your home. 

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