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Our Top Tips for Making your Home Eco-friendly and Ethical

DesignHomes|22 February 2019
Our Top Tips for Making your Home Eco-friendly and Ethical
All over the world we’re being encouraged to do our bit to be more environmentally friendly, to help protect the world we live in and to reduce the impact that, we as a human race, are having on the planet. One of the best ways in which we can do this is to be eco-friendly and more ethical in our furniture choices, buying products that have come from renewable sources or that may have been made locally rather than on the other side of the world.

What is eco-friendly design?

Eco-friendly design is interior design in which all systems and materials are designed with an emphasis on minimizing negative impacts on the environment. During the manufacturing process, it should keep both the environment and human safety in mind. The product should be non-toxic, sustainable and produced in ways to not deplete the ecosystem. 

How can I find sustainable furniture?

Finding the right sustainable, economical furniture all starts with research! Many companies now certify their products as eco-friendly so educate yourself on what those certifications mean and what qualifies the furniture as sustainable. That way you can make smart decisions about what sort of furniture you want in your home.
One of the most common misconceptions about eco-friendly and ethically sourced furniture is that it can be expensive but just because it is less harmful to the environment or that it has been made the ‘right way’ doesn’t necessarily mean that it will cost an arm and a leg.   In a recent Strata survey, 70% of respondents from around the UK said that they make a conscious effort to buy furniture that is ethically sourced – although 56% said that cost is still a major factor in their decision-making process.

How to use eco-friendly and ethical designs in your home

Our in-house interior designer, Angelica, is a strong believer in eco-friendly and ethical designs and recommends wood-based furniture made in the UK or Europe rather than exotic woods that are shipped in from further afield.  Other materials such as Bamboo, reclaimed wood, metal and glass are all sustainable and eco-friendly materials that are great to feature in your home. Another way of making your home eco-friendlier is to upcycle your old furniture! Don’t throw your coffee table or old dining room chairs away, paint them or use parts of it to build something else.
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