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5 Things to do Before Moving Day

Homes|08 August 2017
5 Things to do Before Moving Day
Moving can be a slow process, and even the most organised person can lose momentum as moving day approaches. We joined up with reallymoving to give you these top tips to minimise stress and make moving day easy.

Organise your boxes

When organising boxes, it’s useful to label them by which room they will be going to in your new home, rather than the room they are coming from, as you may not have the same rooms in your new home.  For each room, number the box clearly, and put how many boxes there are in total, e.g Kitchen, number 3 of 15. This will ensure you know immediately that no boxes are missing, and will help your removals team to place the boxes in the right place. Colour coding them by room might also make identifying them easier, and speed up the process.

Spending time considering what goes into each box will speed up unpacking on the other end, rather than having to unpack all your boxes to find the one item you’re looking for.

Remember that the first boxes loaded into the van will be the last ones out, so ensure you have the things you need immediately with you, and that you have clearly labelled boxes containing fragile or valuable items.

Ensure you know where your paperwork is

The last thing you want to do as you close the door behind you is wonder where you put your passport, your children’s birth certificates, or your driving licence. Keep all your necessary paperwork together, in a distinctive folder, and if you’re packing it in a box, put a note on the side, just to avoid that last minute panic.

Plan the route

Getting lost on the way to your new home is the last thing you need. This will be a new route for you, so you might not know when the busiest times of day are, or when the traffic is worst. Plan out the journey in advance, and consider what will be best for your removals team. Narrow roads with sharp bends may not be the best option. Ensuring you know where you’re going, and where to park when you arrive, will make everything easier.

Notify providers

You may have already let your gas, electric and water suppliers know you’re moving, but if not, ensure you register your change of address. It’s also worth taking a final meter reading, and keeping this safe for your final bill. If you’re expecting important post, like appointments, tickets or test results, make sure you update the sender sooner rather than later. Also, arrange with the new owners for a time to collect your post, or for them to forward it on.

Check your keys

It’s easy to simply place your house keys on the table and consider that the end, but think about how many other keys we keep hold of. Account for any spare sets, retrieving them from neighbours or family members. Consider keys to the garage or shed, as well as any other points of access, including back doors, and windows. Check any cupboards or locked doors have their keys in the lock, so the new owners don’t spend ages searching for them.

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