Our people

Our people
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There isn’t a typical Strata employee. Each one of us 
is different, with our own skills, background and life experiences. The important thing is, we bring together talented people who share the same drive to create homes and experiences like no other.

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What makes us different

Doing things differently starts with our team, so we’re  always happy to find people who don’t have any preconceptions about industry norms – just lots of fresh ideas. They fit right in here.

Businesses are built on people. Empowering them to make decisions and giving them ownership and opportunity enables them to create change, going beyond the accepted to achieve a new standard. Strata has a culture that creates a desire to go further, to do better and work harder to realise shared ambitions.

We devised all of our people processes, from land acquisition to after care service, around our customers. We made it our mission to really know them: how they live, their worries, dreams and desires. This inquisitiveness has allowed us to listen and learn without fear or presumption. All of our procedures and communication are intertwined with their journey, service and interaction. We have based our support office and our entire way of working around this concept.

Relationships are our strength

Personal relationships are at the heart of everything we do. We see the people who come together under our roof as family - a diverse group of people who share our values and our passion for going beyond.

Whether we are recruiting the next member of our team, working with a local or multinational company, or talking to a first-time buyer, we always work hard to build, and maintain, connections.

We look for open-minded, positive people who want to play their part in delivering amazing experiences. Everything else, like what they’ve done before, is secondary. In fact, people with a background that has nothing to do with this industry are sometimes the best fit for us.