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Our #MyStrataStory competition has ended and we’ve had so much fun reading your stories and taking a look inside your beautiful homes.
From new beagle-shaped additions to dinner parties with your Strata neighbours, your entries have given us a real insight into what it’s like to live in one of our homes. We’ve also learnt that when it comes to interiors, Strata home owners have enviable style.    

Congratulations to Josh Stead, Amie Betteridge, Gaynor Wyard, Nichola Kate, Laura Fieldhouse, Abi Boswell, Laura O’Sullivan, Scott Ferrier, Amy Marsden and Alex Ashton who have all won a £50 voucher to spend at John Lewis.

Here are just some of our favourite entries! 

Our Origin residents organised one of many neighbour nights.  

We love how Monica has already started sketching out living room designs. It’s all in the detail! 

Lucy’s home looks more complete each time she visits! 

Becky’s whirlwind #MyStrataStory blew us away. 

And finally, top marks for interior style goes to Nichola. Her bedroom could easily be mistaken for one of our show homes. 

Please don’t stop posting pictures just because our competition has ended! Keep sharing your story using the #MyStrataStory hashtag and we’ll repost our favourites. 

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