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Packing up for the big move

Packing up for the big move

So you’ve bought your new home, contracts are exchanged and you’ve chosen a new sofa that you absolutely have to have. Now just comes the daunting part that most people dread… packing.

With a bit of careful planning and preparation; however, those boxes will be filled in no time and moved to the new place ready to be unpacked in their next home.

Early planning

From the moment you sign on the dotted line you can start preparing to move. Consider what definitely has to go with you or, more importantly, what can be sold, given away or thrown in the tip. When you really start looking at what you own you’ll be amazed at the amount of stuff you don’t want to clutter your new home with. Once you’ve decided what isn’t going to make the cut; have a look for a local car boot sale or get online on auction sites such as eBay or Gumtree. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, as they say.

Think ahead

Think about all the things that are physically going to help you move. I’m talking bubble wrap, extra strong tape, sealable bags for nuts and screws and, of course, boxes. Every time you go to the supermarket have a snoop around for spare, sturdy boxes or ask a sales assistant who will be happy for you to take them off their hands. All these materials will make packing so much easier and will help you avoid any last minute dashes.

Begin at the top

Packing always takes longer than you envisage no matter how hard you work. As soon as you find an old photo album that’s half an hour out of your schedule. It’s a good idea to start upstairs and work your way down to the living room and kitchen. Clearing one room at a time will give you an idea of how much stuff you have and reward you with a much needed sense of achievement. Don’t forget to label the boxes so you know which rooms they belong to.

Pack sensibly

This is the most important part of packing as it makes unloading at the other end less of a nightmare. Make sure you pack heavy items in small boxes; it will make transporting them easier and will also avoid someone putting their back out.

Wrap all breakable and fragile items in bubble wrap and pack in a box layered with tissue paper and newspaper, then label the box so the removal men know to be careful.

Pack important documents such as insurance, birth and marriage certificates together – one less job to do when you get to your new home.

First night

You’ve made it! Congratulations. The first night in your new home should be special so make it as comfortable as possible by packing a box of overnight essentials and take them in the car with you. This might include your pyjamas, toiletries and that all important corkscrew.

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